The Choice Cap™ System is a prosthetic appliance for active-lifestyle colostomy and ileostomy patients. It provides patients with a “double flanged” attachment method, which includes a lightweight, airtight, molded waterproof cap to be worn with or without the traditional soft inner pouch. This added protective barrier offers greater resilience to motion and activity, giving the wearer protection against leakage and escaped odors that are common in everyday activities. The result is increased confidence, self-esteem, body image and quality-of-life, everyday, for ostomates everywhere.

The Choice Cap is a semi-firm plastic cap that attaches to a specially designed wafer that is “double flanged”, or has two attachment rings. The inner ring secures the pouch, and the outer ring is the locking mechanism for the Choice Cap, which provides a secure connection and prevents accidental detachment. The Choice Cap is also airtight, waterproof and vented.

The Choice Cap is a semi-firm beige plastic cap and is shown on our product page. We believe it is shaped for comfort and usability and we are seeking additional user feedback in upcoming medical evaluations and early customer usage (through our June 2016 crowdfunding campaign). There will also be a variety of fabric cap covers, which will be sold separately to promote discreteness.

The user must empty pouch or Choice Cap with normal emptying procedures. The Choice Cap can be cleaned and disinfected with soap and warm water, and air or toweled dry. Fragrances may also be sprayed into Cap thus decreasing unwanted odors.

Yes, The Choice Cap is insurance reimbursable similar to your current ostomy supplies.

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