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Choice Cap
A major breakthrough in Ostomy-related products. Ostomates can find greater flexibility and confidence while continuing to enjoy their daily lives.

Georgann Carrubba

WhyChoice Cap

New Ostomy Products for Life!
Ostomates are those who’ve undergone a procedure which creates an alternate exit for solid waste. Because many cultures have a problem dealing with this topic, Ostomates often segregate themselves. Physically managing what happens after surgery has not really advanced in more than 60 years. But thanks to Tencar, Inc. that’s changing. Ostomates can regain function and become more comfortable returning to daily activities.


WhyOstomates Struggle

From perceived changes in body-image to physically managing a stoma, Ostomates deal with numerous issues that can create isolation.


Makingit Easy

Designing with the person in-mind, first.
The Choice Cap system is created with the end-user in mind. Through numerous rounds of up-dates and studies, Tencar Inc. has taken time to field test with a variety of Ostomates. Whether you have a quiet lifestyle or are very active, the Choice Cap system should prove to be a great benefit to you.


TheChoice of Freedom

Choice Cap is developed with the active lifestyle in mind. Because Ostomates appear in nearly every age-bracket, previous products were immediate limitations. Our design allows active people to remain active!